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What’s Your Legacy My mother always told me that as you go through life, no matter what you do, or how you do it, you leave a little imprint, and that’s your legacy.

-Jan Brewer

I heard this quote recently at a funeral of a loved one. This loved one, did not leave behind much when it comes to material things, but they did leave a legacy. Many imprints that impacted and inspired others. A life that was admired by many and will be remembered for many years to come. This loved one lived a legacy. Will you??.

Maybe this narrative sounds familiar You feel stuck, like your feet are covered in cement. You know you have more to offer, at least you feel that way most of the time. Yet, you’re paralyzed.

It’s FEAR.

You rationalize all the other reasons you are not gaining momentum, you find yourself blaming circumstances and sometimes other people, but at the end of the day, you are bound by fear.
  • What if I make the wrong choice?
  • What if I hate doing it, I will have wasted so much time and money?
  • What if I end up failing, I may disappoint so many important people?

  • This FEAR is holding you back from your LEGACY.

    Or You wonder, who am I to go and live my dream? I’m not anyone special. In fact, the people in my life remind me about that on a regular basis. I’m told to follow the path of everyone else (the average), but it’s just not me. I don’t want to just settle, but I also wonder if I’m WORTHY of living my dream.

    This FALSE BELIEF is holding you back from your LEGACY.

    Or Deep down, you know you can be more. You know that you are skilled and have some marketable talents. You have the desire and the talent to be successful, but you just don’t know how to do it. No one has ever revealed the secrets of success to you and your family or friends do not know them either. You know if someone would just offer you the secret formula, there would be no holding you back to becoming a person others admire.

    These SECRETS are holding you back from your LEGACY.

    Your Instructor ABOUT SCOTT HOLMAN

    The creator and Lead Instructor of Legacy Launch is passionate about sharing because he was once a lost young adult. Down deep, he knew he had some great potential, but was missing proper direction and knowledge of the success secrets to get him where he desired to be. Unfortunately, early on, he didn’t even know where he wanted to be.
    Fast forward 20+ years and Scott Holman has discovered all that was missing at his launch. Based on years of learning, experimenting, and overcoming mistakes, Scott identified what is required for a successful launch and flight. Scott feels it took too many years to learn all he knows and that it can be shared in 12 easy to digest learning modules. It’s Scott’s passion to shorten the learning cycle for those hungry to launch into their best life.

    Course Overview MODULES

    • Calculating Your Personal Value

      Students of this module will understand that their worth is not set by what others think or dictated by their accomplishments. Rather, worth is established at design based on the capacity of potential within. Students will learn that life fulfillment comes from accepting their unique design, maximizing their personal potential and understanding that the responsibility to maximize their potential is within their control.

    • Discovering Your Potential

      Nearly every human being has heard someone tell them that they have potential. Students of this module will learn what potential is, why maximizing potential is critical, and most importantly how to identify & discover their unique potential that lies within.

    • Fueled with Purpose

      Students of this module will learn why many individuals full of potential never launch and maximize the potential within. The secret to a launch lies within a critical additive – PURPOSE. Each student will finish understanding how to find and define their unique purpose and the core values that drive their life decisions.

    • Managing Your Navigation System

      In this module, students will learn that success and purpose are both found in having a clear mission or goal to pursue. This module goes well beyond setting goals only, but explores the science behind goal achievement so that each student is equipped to not only decide upon a mission, but be equipped to take the journey and get there.

    • System Programming

      This module will teach students how the human behavioral system operates and how to program the system to maximize the output. Students will learn how habits are established and maintained, but more importantly learn where to hack into the system in order to establish the habits that lead to optimal personal performance.

    • Course Corrections & A Planned Part of the Flight

      This module tackles one of the biggest obstacles to a successful launch and flight. Fear!! Specifically the fear of mistakes or failure. Students will learn that course correction is a natural part of any flight. In fact it’s a planned component within all missions because even the most sophisticated systems get off course. The student will learn to overcome fear by understanding that failures and mistakes are seldom final and often lead to great learning that leads to the successful arrival to our chosen mission.

    • Key to Balanced Flight (Health)

      Students will learn understand that the wings on a rocket are there to help the rocket remain balanced for an accurate flight. This module will focus on the wing of health and how our attention to health provides the daily energy to pursue our mission well. Health is a combination of care for our body, our mind, and our soul and each component will be explored with an offering of ideas on ways to remain attentive to all three components.

    • Key to Balanced Flight (Wealth)

      This module will focus on the wing of wealth and how wealth provides the resources for our pursuits. Students will learn personal financial basics but the content will expand beyond to the tactics of building substantial wealth that allows their dreams to be pursued and their generosity to be expanded for world impact.

    • Key to Balanced Flight (Relationships)

      This module will focus on the wing of relationship and how our relationships have the power to pull us closer to or further away from our pursuits. Students will learn the power of relationships and the key tips on how to identify positive connections, connect with new partners, and keep the relationships that matter. Additionally, some time will be spend on letting go of relationships that may hold back from moving forward.

    • System Upgrades & Enhancements

      Students will learn that the most successful people consistently spend time making upgrades and enhancements to their tools, systems, and programming. This module will focus not only on the importance of continual learning to life success, but demonstrate how they can best learn and use the process of mastery for great gain. Students will learn that society’s wealth gap is directly equivalent to the growth gap.

    • Mission Control - the Hub for Successful Missions

      Inevitably, there are times in life that we just can’t do it alone. Students will be reminded that they need to build a support system behind them of individuals that will support them, encourage them, be there to guide them back on course. This module will go in-depth on who these people should be, how to identify them, and how to ask them to support on their personal mission.

    • Countdown to Launch

      Knowledge is to know some information. Understanding is to know how to implement the information. Wisdom is acting upon the knowledge and understanding. This module will help students move beyond the knowledge and understanding and help them actually launch into the life they are meant to live.

    • Your Career Impact Report

      This special module will highlight the comprehensive Career Impact report and debrief the students on how to get the most out of it. This report is stacked with information including a couple pages highlighting career opportunities that might be of best fit. Students will learn the strategy to break down the options into the few that are of interest to them. The goal is not to give our students just one singular career focus, but 2 or three options that would make them happy and ensure they succeed.

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